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ESR is an application that let's you run DVD discs patched to DVDV format on unmodified Playstation 2 consoles.

Discs must be patched to work with ESR, and must be on DVD media. CD media does NOT work! If you have a CD based game, it must be converted to DVD. This is not covered here, the same site where ESR can be found or Google will be of help to you.

ESR currently consists of 3 different ELF files for your PS2. And a few different patcher applications depending on your needs/operating system.

1: DVD Direct ON - This boots your discs directly and remains resident in memory.

2: DVD Direct OFF - Boots your discs directly, but after booting it is removed from memory. Needed for some games.

3: Memcard Version - This version is intended for booting homebrew off a memorycard that requires disc access. Booting HDLoader with this for instance, allows HDLoader to recognize and use your backup discs.

Outside of the 3 main ELFs, there is currently a GUI test. This is a release of ESR with a GUI that allows you to select the above items, and a couple other options. A couple games are known to work only using this with some of those options, but it's still a TEST! You can find the GUI test here.

All ESR revision information as well as where to get it can be found here.

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